There is another Ibiza beyond the clubs and bars, an Ibiza off the beaten track, known to those that live there, that enriches their life all year around. There are art galleries, for example, that continue to challenge and delight and that are doubtless influenced by the astonishing beauty of the Isla Blanca with its stunning sunsets, its dance culture and tides of visitors that come and go through the seasons.

The Bloop festival of ‘Proactive Art’ is an aspect of the art scene running in parallel with the island’s other rhythms. Sited at different spots across Ibiza, it presents the work of a new generation of multi media artists who are as at home displaying their work in a nightclub as they are in a gallery. The festival, which opens on July 13, runs for a month with activities combining art and music. Bloop’s sculptures, graffiti, fine art and installations turn Ibiza into a huge gallery featuring artists from across the world. There will also be an exhibition space – Far Des Coves Blanques – which will transform every sunset into a party and every Sunday some of the most popular DJs will play at the Bloop Festival.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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