Bjork’s remixed world

Bjork, that most avate-garde of artists, returns from her voyages in video experimentation with a remix of her seventh studio album, ‘Biophilia’. ‘Bastards’ hands over her tracks to some of the celebrities of the electronic scene, who synthesise her work into a continuous flow that seems to take on a life of its own. She said “the remixes gave the songs more beats; legs to dance on!” The songs are entrusted to artists such as Current Value, Death Grips, Hudson Mohawke, Alva Noto, Matthew Herbert, Omar Souleyman, 16-bit, These New Puritans and The Slip. Their interpretations range from the ”concrete” sound of Alvar Noto, very close to classical music, to the bloody-nosed rock and romance of These New Puritans, to the sophisticated orchestral jazz of Matthew Herbert.

Bastards brings us back to Biophilia, demanding further attention to a record that sounds as if you had reached the point of the universe where art and science merge. And with ‘Bastards’, perhaps you have.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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