His new album’s title is a homage to John Coltrane’s 1965 classic ‘A Love Supreme’. With ‘A Love Surreal’ Bilal embarks on a sensational musical odyssey that stands to be one of the best albums of his career.  The album’s textures are interwoven via the extraordinary list of collaborators he has involved in the production, like Robert Glasper, the young jazz pianist and singer in his global hit ‘Butterfly’ which verges on pop perfection, almost overwhelming with the physicality of R&B fashioned out of an exquisite mix of electronica and dreamy acoustic guitars. ‘A Love Surreal’ can be heard as a single suite, like a smooth, flowing soundtrack for the day. The all-consuming melodies can at times verge on the Psychedelic. But there is a sense of intimacy too (in particular, for example, in ‘Butterfly’), in which Bilal beckons us to enter his world, to share in some of the joy he patently experienced as he made the album.

‘West Side Girl’, ‘Longing And Waiting’, and ‘Slipping Away’ are just some of the stand out tracks that make this album one of the best works of urban music around at the moment. And you can see Bilal live over the coming months, showcasing ‘A Love Surreal.’ Not to be missed.

Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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