Basement Jaxx

Contemporary urban music is full of references to what has gone before, and sometimes what has past comes around again and is just as compelling as the first time. Hence the tremendous interest in the new record by London duo Basement Jaxx, DJs and producers who with their ‘Samba Magic’ opened house up to the beauty of world music, in particular the sensuality of Latin American rhythms.
As Gilles Peterson did with jazz, so the Jaxx did with the sound of Brazil, changing the face of dance music while they were at it. Now they’re back in the studio, releasing ‘What Difference Your Love Makes’ following on from their previous track ‘Back 2 the Wild’ and in advance of a new album.  The song, sung by London singer Sam Brookes brings us back to the atmosphere of festive funk that have made the Basement Jaxx famous – their ability to make house music that swung between Rio and New York.

Look out for them on tour in the UK this year including August 17 in Stafford, England for the V Festival, September 29, Manchester, Apollo 02, and on 6 and 7 December, London, Brixton Academy.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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