Azealia Banks

The waiting is nearly over – rapper Azealia Banks will soon release her new record. The album was preceded by a new song, ‘BBD’, which demonstrates, if it were ever necessary, a love for rhyme and rhythm which bodes well for her future.  On ‘BBD’  Azealia worked with Stephen Levitin, who divides his time between being a record producer and a professor at the University of North Carolina. His passion for music led him to participate in many ‘beat battles’ in American clubs, where he met the rapper, who asked him to work on her music. ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ is the title of her debut and comes a year after she first broke through with a rap style that teeters constantly upon the edge of avant-garde. After 212 and the EP ‘1991’, there was the mixtape which brought her to an even wider audience. Then the rumors started of collaborations with the likes of music industry royalty like Moby and Beyoncé.

Azealia Banks is the real thing and utterly of the moment – it is not just her ability to turn a lyric on a dime, it is the meticulous care she takes to share her output with the public, using every channel at her disposal. And now, with the release of ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’, comes the consecration.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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