Asaf Avidan

There’s something special about blues and soul maestro Asaf Avidan. There’s the Latin American vibe. There’s the bitter-sweet sentimentality of Janis Joplin. There’s jazz, but, above all, there’s that habit he has of making the audience swoon, swept along by his charm. Avidam built his reputation at home in Israel, where he developed a local following fronting the Mojos, who opened at concerts for the likes of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan. Then, as so often happens, fate intervened: his One Day / Reckoning Song was remixed by young German DJ Wankelmut and became an international success. Now the man is following in the wake of his global hit, touring the world, telling his stories, accompanied only by his guitar.

Look out for his forthcoming album Different Pulses and also live album Avidan in a box if you want to have a taste of one of the most intense concert experiences in recent years.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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