Arcade Fire

After the international success of ‘Random Access Memories’, Daft Punk’s album that dominated charts and dance floors around the world and was released under an aura of secrecy and carefully stoked hype, another much-admired band chooses the same strategy to publicise its new release.

Arcade Fire are doing their best to keep fans guessing, often announcing live dates at the last minute and even under an alias, The Reflektors, as they did at Salsatheque, a salsa club in Montreal.

Produced by punk legend James Murphy, their highly anticipated new album ‘Reflektor’ is already being spoken of in hushed tones. Scheduled for the end of October, it was preceded by a single, which included backing vocals by David Bowie and is accompanied by an interactive video shot and directed by Anton Corbijn. The art work will be of a statue by Auguste Rodin.

So far so enticing – we’ll have to see what happens next, but as far as live performances are concerned, all we are aware are shows next year in Australia and New Zealand, but with Arcade Fire, or the Reflektors, where they play next could be anybody’s guess… who are those guys filing in to your local venue?


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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