Part of the unstoppable wave of new soul coming out of London, rooted in the best of the past but with an eye for the future, AlunaGeorge are a duo that mix electronic and pop to great effect. Aluna Francis, vocals, and George Reid, production, manage to put together songs forged with a deep love for R&B then mix them with 2step, the kind of combination that, along with dubstep, could only have come out of London. It took just one single, ‘We Are Chosen’, to hit the international music scene, resonant of dazzling disco nights when funk became increasingly urban, to get a sense of their potential, how there was a meticulous attention to detail reminiscent of Timbaland and artists such as Warp. But the most striking thing was the stark originality of the song despite the impression that you had heard it  countless times before – in short, an immediate classic. 

Equally exciting is the recent single, ‘Your Drums, Your Love’. The duo will be showcasing their new album ‘Body Music’ on tour from May through the summer. Catch them on May 2, at Sound City in Liverpool, May 7 at the Nouveau Casino in Paris, on 11 May at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, May 25 at Love Saves The Day in Bristol, and June 20 at Electric Brixton in London.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda

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