A Hip Hop Odyssey

A unique experience. A “journey into sound”, as ‘Pump Up The Volume’, the MARRS track that started the revolution in Europe, would put it – the story of hip-hop history told in a few hours. A road that starts from the electronic rhythms of New York graffiti and breakdance to arrive in the present. A megamix produced by DJ Jaguar Skills for the BBC in 2006 with the title 1979 ‘A Hip-Hop Odyssey’, which in just 40 minutes has compressed over 800 classic raps, mixing them together and making a perfect guide to the evolution of one of the most innovative forms of contemporary music, now comes to life!

Finally Jaguar Skills has decided to present his work live, giving the audience the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the music that has influenced many contemporary productions. The date is August 22 at the Village Underground in London, where the DJ will select hip hop for four hours, accompanied by Chicago rapper, MC Basic Supreme Lord who, with his extraordinary range will liven up the dance floor. Not to be missed!


Pierfrancesco Pacoda



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