There’s certainly an air of “disco” about the most interesting musical productions being released of late. Strobe lights and funky guitars, voices and rhythms sparkling with soul. Last summer’s Lovebox festival was certainly athrob with that disco feeling and now !!!’s new album, ‘Thr!!!er’, evokes the golden age of dance. That sense of unstoppable dance hits you from first listen when you are sent hurtling back in time to the flashy glamour of Studio 54. It’s very New York in the mid ’70s, but with a contemporary twist that makes !!! one of the most creative contemporary bands. The album was preceded by ‘Slyd’, a song designed like a declaration of love to the classics of dance music.

One of the revelations of ‘Thr!!!ler’ are the beautiful, charming vocals of Sonia Moore on ‘One Girl / Boy One’. They said they wanted a singer capable of evoking the atmosphere of the divas of the Seventies and boy did they get one –  she has succeeded perfectly and the song is sure to be one of the hits at festivals and clubs this summer. The production of ‘Thr!!!ler’ was by Jim Eno of Spoon, who led the group to the heart of disco, funk and soul pulsing through the album. The group will take ‘Thr!!!er’ on tour beginning April 24 at Paris at La Machine du Moulin Rouge, 29 at Melkweg in Amsterdam, May 4 at Gretchen Berlin, May 7 Village Underground in London, at ‘All tomorrow’s Parties’, Camber Sands, England, which runs from May 10 to 12 (check festival for details), and on May 17 Ballrooom the Bowery in New York.


Pierfrancesco Pacoda



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